Looking For Another Way To Generate Income?

Actively Selling Your Home? 

Then today’s post is for you. 

It is centered around a technique that have been around for many years.  Many property owners use it to help with financial investment. This strategy is called Seller Financing. When most people hear seller financing or owner financing, they believe that it is used only to help the buyer. But there are a ton of benefits that can help the property investors as well. 

What is seller financing? 

Seller financing, also known as owner financing, is the act of a seller taking back a mortgage from a Homebuyer who has agreed to purchase the home being sold without a bank loan.

Seller financing is a means to sell a property no longer wanted creatively to a buyer to allow for a fast closing. Many obstacles prevent a homeowner from selling their home quickly and this option will allow for you to sell now and receive your full payment at the end of a pre-set period.

How does it work?

The property would be sold to a buyer and the seller would take back a note. In other words, the seller would become the bank (not a landlord). Many people believe that they would be lease optioning to a tenant and it is far from the truth. Please download our free report for more information regarding this.

The seller would receive a purchase consideration payment (down payment) and terms of the note would be put in place.  Once all of the legality is complete, the seller would receive monthly payments thereafter for a set amount. The length of time for the note usually ranges between 2-5 years with a balloon payment (plus interest) due at the end of the agreed time-frame.  This time period allows for the buyer get a loan in place (or other funds) to pay-off the seller.

How can it help you?

You could greatly benefit from selling your home this way because not only will the home sell a lot faster but you would have the opportunity to sell at top dollar. Selling a property this way can even be used when the home doesn’t have much equity.

You can collect payments while the home would otherwise sit vacant. This will release the burden from you having to pay for something that you are not living in. Or if you need to or want to move somewhere else, you will know that the mortgage is being paid and you don’t have to worry about doing repairs.

  • ->Beat the competition
  • ->Sell home at higher price
  • ->Collect payments while the home would otherwise set vacant
  • ->Eliminate the need to become a landlord and fix repairs.

There are a ton other benefits and protections you can acquire with Seller Financing.

Wrap Up

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